Having trouble meeting availability dates?

Condemnation complaints dismissed for lack of Good Faith negotiations?

Want to avoid litigation?

Want to be properly prepared if litigation is inevitable?

Early intervention is key!


Experience has shown that early intervention by someone with condemnation, business and infrastructure acumen avoids problems and saves both time and money. Nothing is worse than discovering only after the complaint has been filed that a problem such as an expensive relocation, or and extraordinary cost-to-cure which could have been avoided through reasonable discussion and a bit of creativity will instead put a  huge dent in the project budget. Ms. Brown has extensive experience assessing real project implementation costs and finding innovative, pragmatic solutions which allow projects to move forward unimpeded.  

Assessment of Design Impacts and Damages of  Infrastructure Projects pre-acquisition, Cost effectiveness of design implementation;
Property valuation and acquisition, good faith negotiations, environmental issues, easements,   access issues and agreements, rights of entry, site conditions, costs-to-cure, Complex Business relocations;
Effective liaison among State and Federal agencies, municipalities, utilities, and property owners;
Dispute Resolution: Professional Mediator with Advanced Mediation, Construction and Case Management Training;
Facilitation of Relationships to resolve issues, meet deadlines and complete projects;
Litigation avoidance through strategy and preparation;
Facilitation of project relationship dynamics, improved communication;
Practical, cost-effective business solutions;
Litigation management and cost control.
Rt. 206 Byram Township/ Byram Plaza Intersections, widening and flood control
Rt. 1/9 Ridgefield
Rt. 206 Bypass, Hillsborough, Chester Twp, Chester Boro
U.S. Rt. 280/ University Heights Connector, Newark
U.S. Rt. 95 Palisades Park
NJ Rt. 17/ Essex Street Bridge, Hackensack, Maywood, Lodi, Rochelle Park
Rt.1/9 North Bergen, widening, elimination of grade crossings
Rt. 1/9 Haynes Avenue, Newark Airport Access
Rt. 1/9 Jersey City Tonnele Ave. Circle
NJ Rt. 46 Fairfield, widening, ramps, controlled intersection
Secaucus Junction Rail Terminal/ County Avenue Secaucus
RT. 21 McCarter Hwy., Newark
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